About Hot SpringGuide to SUKUNA NO YU

  • This natural hot spring, Hida Nyukawa Sukunoyu, springs from 1,000m below Norikuradake at the foot of the Northern Alps. Named after the legendary two-faced Sukuna who is said to have lived in Nyukawa, this hot spring will warm you through and through.

It is reputed to have healing effects for many complaints, such as neuralgia and muscle pain.
It is so popular that it attracts bathers from far outside the prefecture.

Spring quality / Effects

From the open-air bath, you can see magnificent scenery in all seasons.
We especially recommend bathing at night when you can see the sky full of stars.

What's a Sukuna?


The Sukuna is a legendary figure that is said to have emerged from the town of Nyukawa, in Gifu Prefecture, at the beginning of the 5th century.
According to Nihon Shoki, he had the strength of fifty men, and he was said to have one body with two faces, four arms, and four legs. Some say that he was a villain and a bandit, but the people here in the Hida region loved him as a priest of the god festival and as a leader of agriculture.

Sukuna rebelled against the Yamato Imperial Court, and was eventually struck down by Takefurukumanomikoto.

The meaning of the word "Sukuna"is "to get rid of bad things".

Spring Quality

NameHida Nyukawa Onsen
QualitySodium bicarbonate Hot Spring (containing sulfur)
Water temperature33.3℃ (Air temperature 2 ℃)
Flow Rate40L per minute
Analysis dateJanuary 28, 2020
Analyst nameGifu Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environment


General Indications Neuralgia, myalgia, sore shoulders, motor paralysis, stiffness of joints, bruises, chronic digestive problems, hemorrhoids, coldness, recovery after illness, fatigue, general health
Specifif IndicationsScratches, burns, chronic dermatosis

Price / Business hours

  • Price(Towel sold separately) Adults (junion high school students and older) : ¥600
    Children (3-12 years old) : ¥300
    Business hours 13:00~19:30
    *Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays - 11:00~19:30
    Facilities Sauna / Vibra Jet Bath / Water Bath / Kakeyu / Body Shower (3F)
    Equipment Hair dryer / Shampoo / Body soap